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Sunday, August 22 • 10:00am - 2:00pm
D&D 5E - Icewind Dale

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Location: Caer-Dineval, Icewind dale
Players Info: Players will be level 5, either bring your character ready to go, or choose from one already built at the table.
Dice: 1 set is required, though some will be provided to use.
Time Length: Four Hours

Long ago, over four hundred years to be more precise, there was a castle built by the Dinev family. This was dubbed Caer-Dineval and the workers and their families started to settle in the outbuildings further down the cliff the castle was built on. The town started to grow bigger over the next few years. Soon after everyone got settled in they were attacked by orcs! The town's residents tried to take refuge in the castle, but the Dinevs, alarmed by the size of the orc horde, barred the gates and refused to open them. Every one of the villages were slaughtered by the orc horde. Though three weeks later the orc took over the castle. The orcs stayed there for several years, until they were driven out by a small army of human settlers from other parts of the dale who banded together. The victors claimed the castle and its land, and those with family brought them here to settle. Their descendants live here to this day and keep alive the memory of their ancestors’s deeds.
Today the town and castle are more friendly and things are all moving smoothly. Until the town’s speaker fell ill. Crannoc Siever was then moved to the castle where the townspeople were told he would receive the best care. He has been in there for weeks and the townsfolk are starting to hear rumors that he might be dead or worse, under the control of Knights of the Black Sword. There has been word going around that the members of the Black Sword had moved into the castle and started taking control of everyone in it.
The residents of Caer-Dineval are seeking help to get their town speaker back, and run out the members of the Black Sword if they are truly here. The group will need to be prepared to embrace the coldest weather they have ever felt as their town is still under the curse of Auril and they will need to find a way to sneak into the castle and rescue the town's speaker.


Sunday August 22, 2021 10:00am - 2:00pm MST
  Role-Playing Game
  • Minimum Players 1
  • Maximum Players 5